Product Name : Fabric Mask Nayak vs Hanuman Collection

Product Type : Fabric Mask

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- NAYAK (Giant patterns), in total of 7 colors

Purple, orange, red, blue, green, yellow, pink

- Hanuman has 2 colors, each color has 2 designs

- White and black

- LaeHow (mouth open) and raksa (mouth close)


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Face Mask - NAYAK vs HANUMAN (Special Collection)

  • LAMIU x MUAYMASK face mask

    NAYAK vs Hanuman Special Collection.

    3 layers quality fabric masks, leading sewing from skilled craftsmen

    Every piece passed the quality inspection



    • Consisting of 3 grade good quality fabric
    • The mask is soft and comfortable to wear.
    • Lightweight, easy to breathe
    • Can be washed, reused
    • Adjustable straps do not brace, do not hurt the ears.
    • Good quality fabric, not irritating
    • The strap can be necked. When removing the mask Helps to avoid putting and avoid contact with germs
    • Blocking the effect of aerosols Pollen And dust
    • Helps prevent the distribution of mucus And saliva from sneezing


    Protect, safe, confident

    With good quality grade fabric in all 3 layers

    1st layer: Quality waffle fabric

    Thick, soft, good touch, high quality woven fabric

    2nd layer: Muslin cotton

    Dust filter Pollen

    3rd layer: Fine cotton

    Thick, soft, comfortable to wear, does not irritate the skin

    Special: with filter slot

    Helps to increase filter efficiency, such as filtering PM2.5 dust.

    Available for sale (limited), please ask sales staff.


    Choose a giant striped mask according to the birthday color.

    Saturday. Purple

    Sunday. Red.

    Monday. Yellow.

    Tuesday. Pink

    Wednesday. Green

    Thursday. Orange

    Friday. Blue


    Choose Hanuman pattern fabric mask.

    LaeHow (mouth open): fortune, prestige, destiny

    Raksa (mouth close): Health, protect, protect, protect